Dooo - Movie & Web Series Portal App User Documentation
Dooo - Movie & Web Series Portal App User Documentation
Dooo - Movie & Web Series Portal App User Documentation
Dooo - Movie & Web Series Portal App User Documentation
Dooo - Movie & Web Series Portal App User Documentation


LOGIN (For Demo Dashboard and Demo APPLICATION)

Email :
password  : 12345

Dooo is Android Movie & WebSeries Application, that runs with a fast and lightweight admin panel. The android app builds with native java, admin panel builds with PHP, JS, and Html (CodeIgniter). Organizing Dooo from admin panel, and Movie or WebSeries or Live TV, also available Custom User Login System, Add To Favourite and many more.
We build this item with very detailed parts, well-structured code, and neat and good design is our priority.


  • Implement Material Design for Android
  • Auto Next Episode Play
  • Add To Favourite Saves On Account So User Can Access From Anywhere
  • Supported Video Formats- mp4, mkv, m3u8, mpd, Youtube, Embed
  • Saved Content
  • Register User
  • Login User
  • Profile User with Avatar
  • Forgot Password
  • Suport
  • Notification With Image
  • Notification Badge
  • Beatifull Home Screen
  • Search All Contents
  • Powerfull Search System
  • Trailer
  • About Us Page
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • Toasts & Alerts – Added ability to display alerts, Toasts, success, errors, loadings, and more.
  • Webview Page
  • Search Page
  • Login Page
  • Beauty Splash Screen
  • Register Page
  • Light Server Request
  • Powerful UI
  • Live TV
  • Subscription System
  • Cupon Code System
  • App Version Control
  • StartApp Ads
  • Admob Ads
  • All Ad Data Can Be set From Admin Panal
  • Auto Import Movie & WebSeries DATA From TMDB
  • Material Drawer


  • Implement Material Design Web Admin
  • Material Form
  • Material dialog view
  • Support Multi User (Comming Soon In Next Update)
  • Support Multi ROLE User (Admin & Writer) (Comming Soon In Next Update)
  • Responsive Web Admin
  • Responsive Drawer Menu
  • Add,Edit,Update,Delete Movie
  • Add,Edit,Update,Delete WebSeries
  • Search Content
  • Responsive Table Web Admin
  • Using Php, Html, JS
  • Easy Customize color
  • All in one API url
  • Users Management (Edit or Delete or Update or Upgrade User)
  • Integrated with Onesignal push notification
  • Notification With Image
  • Direct Notification
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Manage User Account
  • Manage App Version
  • Ripple Effect
  • Material Drawer
  • Beauty Cardview
  • Light and Clean Code

Supported Content Source

  • m3u8
  • mp4
  • mkv
  • Animixplay
  • Dropbox
  • DoodStream
  • Dailymotion
  • Embed
  • Fembed
  • Facebook
  • GoogleDrive
  • GogoAnime
  • MixDrop
  • MediaShore
  • Onedrive
  • OKru
  • StreamTape
  • StreamSB
  • Twitter
  • VK
  • Voesx
  • Voot
  • Vudeo
  • Vimeo
  • Yandex
  • Youtube
  • YoutubeLive

Bug Report

Fill Up this Form if you have Faced any bugs and wanted them to be fixed: Form

Server Requirement

  • PHP Version: 7.4+
  • NGINX/Appace
  • MySQL Version: MariaDB 10.0+
Note: We have solved the Licence issue.

VERSION 2.2.0b  (Upcoming Version)
    - [FIXED] Licence Server Changed to solve the Licencing error.
    - [IMPROVED] Search System
    - [ADDED] Database Manager
    - [FIXED] Server Overload
    - [ADDED] Stream Sources
                     -- Torrent (Supports Magnet link and Direct torrent  file link)
    - [FIXED] Coupon Error
    - [FIXED] User Account Update issue
    - [IMPROVED] Coupon Button UI
    - [FIXED] Stream Sources
                     -- Voesx (Added Support For Download also)
    - [ADDED] Safe Mode (Temporarily Hide the Play Button and Download Button, Can be Controlled from Admin Panle, Helps when Uploading to App store)
    - [ADDED] App Primary Theme Color Can Be Change From Admin Panel

VERSION 2.1.5b  (Current Version)
    - [FIXED] Send Push Notification From all Movies and Web Series
    - [FIXED] Send Telegram Notification From all Movies and Web Series
    - [FIXED] Search and Import Web Series
    - [FIXED] Import Bulk Web Series
    - [ADDED] Database Backup now Shows the file Size in DB Export List
    - [FIXED] Automatic Notification Sending (Basic and Advanced Mode)
    - [ADDED] Automatic Database Backup (Basic and Advanced Mode)
    - [FIXED] StreamSB Streaming issue
    - [IMPROVED] Some Panel UI Components
    - [FIXED] License Verification Error
    - [ADDED] Admin Panel Update Dialog
    - [FIXED] Youtube Stream

VERSION 2.1.5a: Only For Admin Panel
    - [FIXED] Datable Error
    - [ADDED] USD as a currency option for a subscription plan
    - [REMOVED] All the Old Stream Sources
    - [ADDED] Stream Sources (Fixed and added)
                     -- m3u8
                     -- dash
                     -- mp4
                     -- mkv
                     -- Embed
                     -- Youtube
                     -- StreamTape
                     -- DoodStream
                     -- StreamSB
                     -- Dailymotion
                     -- Fembed
                     -- Facebook
                     -- Animixplay
                     -- GogoAnime
                     -- Voesx
                     -- Dropbox
                     -- MediaShore
                     -- OKru
                     -- Yandex
                     -- VK
                     -- Twitter
                     -- Voot
                     -- Onedrive
                     -- GoogleDrive
                     -- YoutubeLive
                     -- MixDrop
                     -- Vudeo
                     -- Vimeo
    - [FIXED] Dashboard Content Report
    - [FIXED] Live TV Crash Issue
    - [FIXED] Live TV Custom User Agent
    - [FIXED] Live TV Custom  Headers
    - [FIXED] Update Dialog was Showing when set to Playstore In-App Update
    - [FIXED] Movie Description Showing Some HTML Tags
    - [FIXED] Newly added Contents Not Showing on Home screen 
    - [ADDED] AdMob Native ad
Note: Fill Up this Form if you have Faced any bugs and wanted them to be fixed in the next update:

VERSION 2.1.0a: Only For Android
    - [FIXED] Player Crash Issue

VERSION 2.1.0 
    - [FIXED] Episode Download Option
    - [ADDED] AD Networks
                     -- AppLovin
                     -- IronSource
    - [ADDED] New Episode Item Desgine Which Can Be Controlled From Admin Panel. (Vertical View)
    - [IMPROVED] Auto Fetch Seasons
    - [IMPROVED] Auto Fetch Episodes
    - [ADDED] Payment Gateway
                     -- Paypal
    - [ADDED] Google Play in-app update (Support flexible and immediate both and can be controlled from admin panel)
    - [ADDED] New Stream Sources
                     -- Animixplay
    - [FIXED] Fixed many crashes
    - [FIXED] Fixed Telegram Notification System
    - [IMPROVED] Added IMDB Support for adding Contents
    - [IMPROVED] App HomePage Message Animation Can be Set From Admin panel (Supports Lottie Animation URL)
    - [ADDED] App Splash Screen Can be totally customized from Admin Panel (Takes Effect From second Time App Open)
                     -- Splash Screen Background Color (Supports: Hex Color Code)
                     -- Image or Animated image as Background (Supports: JPG, PNG, GIF, and SVG)
                     -- Lottie Animation as Background (Supports: Lottie Animation URL)
                     -- Custom Code as Background (Supports: HTML, JS)
    - [IMPROVED] Password Reset System (Now Sends 4 Digit OTP)
    - [ADDED] Added IMDB Rating and Top Cast in Content Details Page
    - [FIXED] Fixed add to Favourite for Guest Users
    - [FIXED] Fixed Season Change issues when season names have special characters

    - [FIXED] Fixed all the Errors and Crashes
    - [FIXED] Fixed Search Include Premium Button
    - [UPDATED] Downloader WiFi Only Button (Now it Saves it State)
    - [ADDED] Unity Rewarded/Interstitial Ad
    - [ADDED] Stream Sources
                     -- Fembed
    - [ADDED] Custom User Agent For Live TV (Can Set Separate User Agent For Separate Stream URL)
    - [ADDED] Custom Headers For Live TV (Can Set Separate Headers  For Separate Stream URL also can set multiple Headers for a Single URL)

    - [UPDATED] Recoded Backend from scratch Using CodeIgniter
    - [FIXED] Fixed all Security Issues
    - [ADDED] Auto Updater for Admin Panel
Note: Some Features are Not available in this version because they needed some Serious Fixes so we are working on them and will be added back in the Future Update.

    - [ADDED] New Stream Sources
                     -- Uqload
    - [FIXED] FLAG_SECURE On/Off Issue
    - [FIXED] allow root On/Off Issue
    - [FIXED] unity ad test Mode Always On
    - [ADDED] OnScreen Effects (Can Be switched On/Off From Admin Panel)
                     -- SnowFall
    - [ADDED] New Content Item Type Desgine Which Can Be Controlled From Admin Panel. (1. Content Image with Name and Year. (Default)  2. Only Content Image)
    - [FIXED] Subtitle Not Loading When Resume Watching Content
    - [ADDED] Player Speed Controller
    - [ADDED] Payment gateway for Subscription System
                     -- Razorpay
    - [ADDED] New Users tab in Admin Panel Homepage
    - [IMPROVED] Stream Sources
                     -- Onedrive: Now Supports Premium account URL.
                     -- Google Drive: Now Supports Multiple Quality.
    - [FIXED] Stream Sources
                     -- StreamSB
                     -- Facebook
                     -- Youtube
    - [ADDED] Telegram Notification Support to Custom Channel. (Using Telegram Bot)
    - [IMPROVED] Security
    - [IMPROVED] Forget Password System (Now Works on OTP System)
    - [ADDED] Database Backup System
    - [FIXED] Fixed all Issues With Android 12

    - [FIXED] Content Source Type
                     -- Facebook
                     -- StreamSB
    - [ADDED] New Stream Sources
                     -- Videobin
                     -- Streamzz
    - [ADDED] Android 12 Support
    - [FIXED] Autoplay Next Episoade Play Premium Contents With Free Account
    - [ADDED] In-App Request Option
    - [ADDED] Movie and WebSeries flexible Layout (Previously it Loads 3 Items in a Row But Now it can load More Items in a Row on Bigger Screen.
    - [IMPROVED] Autoplay For Single Links
    - [FIXED] Some Login mandatory Bugs Casing issue when login mandatory Torned off and Users account deleted.
    - [ADDED] In-App User account Edit Option
    - [IMPROVED] Stream Sources
                     -- Dropbox: Now Works on HLS(m3u8)
    - [REDUCED] APP Size (Lesser than 30.0 MB)
    - [IMPROVED] App Security (Moved all the Important Details to app_config.CPP From

Note: We already Fixed StreamSB in the next version which will be released as soon as possiable. Please Do not create a Support Ticket to ask for a Streamsb fix first.

    - [REDUCED] Download size From Codecanyon (Under 100MB)
    - [FIXED] Continue Playing
    - [IMPROVED] Security
    - [FIXED] Bulk Season and Episodes Fetch
    - [FIXED] Some issues Creating server Overload
    - [ADDED] Custom Slider
    - [ADDED] New Download  Source Type
                     -- Dropbox
    - [ADDED] New LiveTV Source Type
                     -- MP4
                     -- MKV
    - [UPDATED] Dependencies
    - [FIXED] Youtube Invalid Link Crash
    - [ADDED] Movie Direct Play if Single source avaliable
    - [IMPROVED] Player UI
    - [IMPROVED] Player Brightness and Volume Slider UI
    - [IMPROVED] Player Brightness System (Now Only Change Brightness for the Player not the Whole Device)
    - [FIXED] Auto Sleep issue For Some Devices
    - [CHANGED] Storage Permission Settings (Now It will ask For Permission when Download not at the Start)
    - [CHANGED] In-app Maintenance Page UI
    - [ADDED] New Stream Sources
                     -- (HLS/M3u8)

VERSION 1.5.0a
    - [IMPROVED] Security
    - [FIXED] Error in Android Project Gradle File
Note: If you do not face any error in the Gradle file in the android Project then no need to update the android app. Just update the Admin Panel.
If you face any issue on the admin panel just log out and log in again then check if you face any issue. if you still face the issue then create a Support Ticket.

    - [FIXED] log in/SignUp Issue For Some Users
    - [FIXED] Episode and season Auto Bulk Fetch Not Fetching All Episode and season
    - [IMPROVED] Cupon Manager UI
    - [ADDED] Cupon auto Expire By Date
    - [ADDED] App Translation
                     -- English
                     -- Hindi
                     -- Bengali
                     -- Spanish
                     -- Russian
                     -- Turkish
                     -- Chinese
    - [ADDED] In-App Language Change Option
    - [ADDED] New ad networks
                     -- Unity ads
                     -- ad colony
    - [ADDED] Custom ad System (Supports Images and gif with Click open URL in External Browser and Webview)
    - [ADDED] Embed player ad-block (Support Custom Ad URL list)
    - [ADDED] Bulk Movies & WebSeries  Import by TMDB ID
    - [ADDED] Search and Add Movies & WebSeries
    - [ADDED] Live TV Search Option
    - [ADDED] Comment Section With Ability to Turn On/Off From Dashboard
    - [ADDED] Option to send Notification to Separate Users From User Manager
    - [ADDED] New Download Source
                     -- Youtube (Support Multiquality)
    - [ADDED] Custom Subtitle System
    - [FIXED] Stream Sources
                     -- StreamSB
    - [ADDED] Google Login system (Ability to turn on/off from admin panel)

    - [FIXED] Sometimes Auto fetch Content Description Showing Random Code Between Text.
    - [ADDED] Genre System
                     -- Manage Genre System in Admin Panel
                     -- Movies and Web series Genre system
                     -- Search Genre
                     -- In-App Genre List
                     -- In-App Genre Details Page with content list
                     -- Genre Button in App Menu
                     -- Option to enable Disable Featured Genre in Homepage From Admin Panel
    - [ADDED] Most popular content In-App
    - [ADDED] Report manager Delete Option
    - [FIXED] User Manager
                     -- Add User
                     -- Edit User
                     -- Delete User
    - [ADDED] Web series Season Auto Fetch Bulk Add
    - [ADDED] Web series Episodes Auto Fetch Bulk Add
    - [FIXED] App Crash When No Epidosed Added
    - [ADDED] Admin Panel Profile (Now You can Change Admin Details In Admin Panel)
    - [ADDED] Web series Season Auto Fetch Bulk Add
    - [ADDED] New Content Source Type
                     -- DoodStream
                     -- StreamSB (HLS/M3u8)
    - [FIXED] Content Source Type
                     -- GoFile
                     -- StreamTape
    - [ADDED] Dashboard New Language 
                     -- Hindi
                     -- Spanish
                     -- Russian
                     -- Turkish

    - [FIXED] Create New Coupon
    - [FIXED] Sing Up Crash
    - [FIXED] Streamtape Play
    - [FIXED] Buy Premium Dialog Upgrade Button Without Login Crash
    - [IMPROVED] Profile Page login Button For Guest Users.
    - [ADDED] Added Free/Premium Option For Every Movie Play Links (You can Make Movie Play Links Free or Premium Separately)
    - [FIXED] Download List Listing, Newest Show First
    - [FIXED] Web series Episodes Free/Premium Issue
    - [ADDED] Admin Panel Content Report
                     -- Today Content Report
                     -- Most Viewed Today
                     -- Most Popular Movies
                     -- Most Popular WebSeries

    - [ADDED] TMDB Language Change (Supports All Languages Officially Supported by TMDB)
    - [ADDED] 5 New Content Source Type
                     -- Dropbox
                     -- Racaty
                     -- ZippyShare
                     -- Cinematic
                     -- TubiTV
    - [ADDED] Twitch Live For Live TV
    - [FIXED] Facebook Content Source Type
    - [ADDED] Related Contents in Content Details Screen
    - [IMPROVED] StreamTape Now Play in App Player
    - [IMPROVED] Continue Playing
    - [ADDED] Suggestion Contents Section in Home (Show Contents Related to Watch History)
    - [FIXED] Login Mandatory
    - [IMPROVED] Favourites Now Works With or Without Login
    - [FIXED] Auto Next Episode Play
    - [ADDED] Multilanguage Support For Admin Panel (Currently Support: English, Chinese, Bengali)
    - [FIXED] App Open Crash

    - [ADDED] Continue Playing
    - [ADDED] Facebook Ads
    - [ADDED] Report Content Option
    - [ADDED] In-App Users Subscriptions Log
    - [ADDED] In-App Player Double Tap to Forward and Backward With Animation Like Youtube
    - [FIXED] VideoPlayer FullScreen StatusBar Black
    - [IMPROVED] VideoPlayer UI
    - [FIXED] Password Reset 
    - [IMPROVED] In-App Search Engine (Now Can Search Keyword in Content Title and Description Also)
    - [ADDED] In-App Search Engine Premium Filter Switch
    - [FIXED] Duplicate Content Bug
    - [IMPROVED] App Sequrity
    - [ADDED] Root Detection
    - [ADDED] Cracking and Scraping App Detection (Ex: LuckyPatcher, HttpCanary, SSLCapture, NetworkCapture etc.)
    - [FIXED] Google Drive Stream Issue
    - [IMPROVED] Youtube Live Player UI (Now Playes In App Custom Player and Supports MultiQuality)

    - [ADDED] Splash Screen Loading Animation
    - [ADDED] Download Movies Option
    - [ADDED] Terms & Conditions
    - [ADDED] Privacy policy
    - [FIXED] App Crash Due to Invalid Content Relese Date
    - [FIXED] App Crash on SignUp with Same Email
    - [ADDED] 4 New Content Source Type
                     -- GoogleDrive
                     -- Onedrive
                     -- Yandex
                     -- Vimeo
    - [ADDED] 34 Download  Source Type
                      -- Custom
                      -- Mp4
                      -- Mkv
                      -- GoogleDrive
                      -- Onedrive
                      -- Yandex
                      -- Vimeo
                      -- Facebook
                      -- MP4Upload
                      -- GooglePhotos
                      -- MediaFire
                      -- VK
                      -- Twitter
                      -- Solidfiles
                      -- Vidoza
                      -- UpToStream
                      -- Fansubs
                      -- Sendvid
                      -- Fembed
                      -- Filerio
                      -- Megaup
                      -- GoUnlimited
                      -- Cocoscope
                      -- Vidbm
                      -- Pstream
                      -- vlare
                      -- StreamWiki
                      -- Vivosx
                      -- BitTube
                      -- VideoBin
                      -- 4shared
                      -- StreamTape
                      -- vudeo

    - [FIXED] Admob ad Crash Fixed
    - [FIXED] StreamTape source type Fixed

    - [ADDED] Youtube live support for Live TV (Beta)
    - [UPDATED] Youtube Source type updated now it supports multiple Quality
    - [ADDED] Intro Skip option for all contents (Movies and Web Series)
    - [ADDED] Send Random Notification Automattically
    - [ADDED] 29 New Content Source Type
                      -- Dailymotion
                      -- Facebook
                      -- GoFile
                      -- MP4Upload
                      -- GooglePhotos
                      -- MediaFire
                      -- VK
                      -- Twitter
                      -- Solidfiles
                      -- Vidoza
                      -- UpToStream
                      -- Fansubs
                      -- Sendvid
                      -- Fembed
                      -- Filerio
                      -- Megaup
                      -- GoUnlimited
                      -- Cocoscope
                      -- Vidbm
                      -- Pstream
                      -- vlare
                      -- StreamWiki
                      -- Vivosx
                      -- BitTube
                      -- VideoBin
                      -- 4shared
                      -- StreamTape
                      -- vudeo

    VERSION 1.0.0
    - Initial release(Beta)

    Note: We will Update Dooo From User Feedbacks. So please Give Us Your Valuable Feedback To Help Us Making Dooo a Beter App.


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