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Ukraine Invasion: Propaganda, Fake Videos of Russia Attack Bombard Social Media Users

[ad_1] The messages, videos and photos flying across Twitter, Facebook and Telegram far outnumber the airstrikes raining down on Ukraine. They claim to show Russian fighter jets being shot down or Ukrainians dodging for cover in their own homes. Some are real, horrifying images of this war. Others had been …

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Facebook, Instagram EU-US Data Flows Could Be Halted by Irish Regulators in May

[ad_1] EU-US data transfers by Meta owned Facebook and Instagram could be halted as soon as May but the move would not immediately hit other big tech companies, Ireland’s data privacy regulator said in an interview. Europe’s highest court ruled in 2020 that an EU-US data transfer pact was invalid …

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Meta Tells Advertisers Mixed Reality Still a Few Years Away

[ad_1] Technology that merges the virtual and physical worlds could start to become a reality for consumers in a few years, Facebook owner Meta Platforms has told advertising agencies, giving more details of its vision for the creation of the metaverse. Mixed reality (MR) technology could allow a person wearing …

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Is Urging His Colleagues to Be ‘Metamates’

[ad_1] Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg laid out revamped company values Tuesday, urging workers to be “Metamates” who treat one another with respect and look to the future. Zuckerberg shared his note to employees on his Facebook page, the revamped credo coming on the heels of the internet giant being renamed …

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