Top 6 Earning Methord - Make Money Online

Top 6 Earning Methord – Make Money Online

1) I know it seems that it’s been a while since the first online earnings report you can find on this website, but nowadays there’s not much difference between a passive and an active trader in terms of making money. And why shouldn’t they? You don’t have to be crazy or risk losing everything just because you’re not going full force on your trading business anymore.

Anyway, here we are! In our example below, we will tell you how you can start earning extra cash fast as soon as you decide that you want to make more than what you already earn in a month. But first, it’s important to understand what is the meaning of Net Profit.

Top 6 Earning Methord - Make Money Online
Top 6 Earning Methord – Make Money Online

Top 6 Earning Methord – Make Money Online

Net profit and Margin Net profit is basically how much we earned with all our expenses in total. The net profit is usually divided by 10; meaning that if it made 10 cents in total we would be left with only 0.10 cents. This means that from every penny we put into each dollar we do work for a small fraction of its value in return. However, in some cases, the number of dollars involved could be so huge that it makes sense to divide this net profit by 1000. Now, how does this translate into real money? Well, the simplest way to convert this is to divide by 100 times the annual revenue the company generated. So, let’s take a look at the following table showing us the different divisions of these two values:

This is very simple to understand but not easy to visualize:

In practice, we’ll always end up having to multiply the numbers by 500 in order to get the same result. If you think about spending only $5 in one month, then you probably wouldn’t see any significant differences between investing and spending on a regular basis. For the purpose of simplicity, I decided that to illustrate our use case, I decided to make the following assumption for this scenario:

In other words, we assume that we only need to invest about 25% of our income per year and spend that amount only when we needed to. This kind of approach helps us focus on the basics of the market in general. We also assume that to maximize our returns, we should try to reinvest that money into some sort of growth strategy, like buying more shares or opening the next branch, etc. As a rule of thumb, most people invest the majority of their earnings in stock. That’s where the issue lies. People rarely even bother to invest in something new when they have the option to sell part of their shares at a higher price. A lot of them choose instead to hold onto their investments until they’re ready to sell again or get out on the open market and simply buy a better company instead. I like a slightly more sophisticated investor who invests in a variety of strategies, but none of this beats holding on to stocks for long periods of time.

Top 6 Earning Methord – Make Money Online

Let me explain this concept in a bit more detail; though, as we said earlier, our assumptions were made based on some pretty basic data:

We assumed that, for the sake of our calculations, we’d spend 50% of our funds as well as a 5% management fee, which is the same percentage of the entire profits in fact. Additionally, we had to keep our costs to a minimum, i.e. as low as possible without looking too far into how we’d grow with the future. Our results were supposed to be pretty accurate in terms of our true behavior. If we’d spent less time building our business, we would receive a lower level of returns and would have had to make bigger decisions soon. It would have likely become clear that the investment was risky by now, hence the need to diversify, which is why most investors choose to diversify as well. One thing that almost everyone knows by now: there’s no point in trying to gain more than you put into the company, especially not in such a short time as ours.

On top of all this, we had to consider that we were operating during one of the most difficult moments in the history of humanity. Even before we started getting killed off, there was a global war going on. To keep things simple, I’m ignoring the impact it had on economies and countries around the world. Also, I’m assuming that we’ll never start earning enough to retire and have sufficient savings to last us through the rest of our lives. That last piece is very important; it gives us the freedom to invest and, therefore, enjoy greater financial stability throughout our life.

Ok, so now we’ve talked a bit about how to make money. Let’s take a look at the methodologies that we used in order to achieve our goal:

1: Set Up Your Website

Many people prefer using WordPress to their own websites and make more money than they would have otherwise. These days you can easily set your website up and start selling products or services almost immediately. We chose GoDaddy to build our site and make some quick cash. First, you should download the free WP Plugin. After checking it out, I’d recommend checking if any content related to your niche is available and if not send an email to them and request permission to link with them.

2: Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is by definition, advertising services created by third-party companies (usually those providing their products), marketed to customers by affiliated distributors, vendors, resellers, etc. On the back of affiliate marketing is a commission fee that is charged directly to affiliates. When someone buys anything through your link, you pay them a fixed amount in exchange for the product. There are several platforms that allow you to create an affiliate blog post, optimize it, and place links on social media, among other things. Check out my article on how to become an affiliate marketer for details on the process.

3: Sell Products & Services

The easiest and I believe the fastest way to make money with affiliate marketing is to sell products and services in the form of courses or tutorials. My advice is to go into the industry to learn more about affiliate marketing and then proceed to sell your knowledge online. Once you have a good knowledge base on affiliate marketing, then it’s a matter of creating a course, complete with videos or podcasts, and posting it on YouTube or podcasting. If you’re planning on taking a route towards becoming your own educator, you must sign a contract with a tutoring company.

4: Investing

Buying the best stock is easy but that alone cannot help you increase your wealth or power to change anything in life. Like I’ve said many times, there’s no one size fits for anyone, but being the master of one thing and having the ability to customize yourself is definitely worth investing in. What does it mean to be masters of only one niche? You might be able to change the world but you might not. And once you understand how to invest, then all you need to do is put more resources into your portfolio. The next phase is setting out goals and tracking them. Doing the latter means knowing which markets to target in order to receive maximum returns.

5: Start With Minimal Commodity Investments

As a beginner investor, I advise avoiding investing in the banking sector and focusing on foreign equity, bonds, and equity derivatives with a high degree of leverage, especially ones with strong liquidity positions. Why? Because the banks tend to lose money by charging you heavy interest rates and, given that the US government has now started printing money, you might end up sinking your nest egg to the bottom of a bank account that you might have thought would be safe. Also, they may require collateral in the form of a loan and there’s always the possibility that the loans will default within a couple of months. All in all, there’s no way worth investing in such businesses nowadays that offer you chances to lose money in the worst-case scenarios. It’s not sustainable.

6: Use Technology

While it may seem weird, technology can actually boost your chance of success in trading. Before we did this, it was essential to know how to analyze market movements with charts, calculate prices, and identify potential patterns in the prices. Thanks to modern technologies, we can easily identify patterns and predict when things are going to happen and, thus, anticipate when a trade is coming down the road. Of course, you have to have lots of experience to begin with but once you figure it out you’ll enjoy huge benefits.

Another recommendation is learning web scraping and figuring out an appropriate keyword research tool if you’re looking to generate new leads. Many startups nowadays rely heavily on social networks and search engine optimization. If you can find relevant keywords through these, you can start generating leads by finding prospective clients right away. Take note that quality content does not necessarily mean being on Twitter these days. An influencer will find it easier to attract followers and readers through other means, e-mail advertising campaigns, social media, etc. They’re focused on staying updated with trends in the industry and are known for updating themselves frequently. Another tip that I learned along the way is, if you are starting out, it is recommended to start off by keeping all of your documents organized because this will not be possible later. Always remember to store all important information in hard copy and only transfer your money if you absolutely need so. Keep a record of all your trades and document everything. You don’t want to miss out on opportunities. Good luck!

Top 6 Earning Methord – Make Money Online

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